A State Divided

A Good Question From Edward Nigma?
A Good Question From Edward Nigma?

James Carville has described Pennsylvania as Pittsburgh and Philadelphia with Alabama in between.   If common sense would prevail, the two ends should offset the middle.

To me, alas, this is not the case.  What has happened is that a geographically broad, but less-populated area has been able to set the agenda for the entire State.   With a Democrat as the State’s Governor, this is being shown more clearly.  The fact that Pennsylvania lags behind the other Atlantic states in terms of issues like firearms and same-sex marriage could be more signs of the power of what I like to call the “Trailer Park Caucus”.

How has this come to pass?  One force has to be the way electoral districts are drawn, the Republicans realize they need to draw districts to make sure their rural base is well-represented at the expense of urban and suburban areas.

This blog is my attempt to fight back.


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