Trolling For Dollars

The Harrisburg Patriot News, which has won praise for its reporting, is facing competition from digital media.  They have cut their number of editions and put more emphasis on their on-line presence.

To generate revenue, they need clicks, and the folks at the site that is the online home of the Patriot News seem to have found a clever way to get those clicks.

They realize that much of the on-line readership is from outside the city of Harrisburg and it’s suburbs.   Much of this area is somewhat rural; places like Adams, Cumberland and definitely Perry County. What they seem to do with this realization is troll these areas for clicks.  One need only look at the comments a piece on guns from award-winning journalist Cynthia Tucker generated.  Another op-ed calling for what many would see as common sense on guns has generated nearly 300 comments in three days.  Most of which seem to be from the “Trailer park caucus”.   A piece from Nobel laureate Paul Krugman on Bengazi and Rep McCarthy has been ignored, as it may require thinking skills that are lacking among the denizens of the mobile estates.

What may need to happen, is for the level of discourse that comes from the GOP “base” to be brought to light.  To that end, I plan to activate the “Troll Patrol”.  I plan to post samples of what the best and brightest of the backwaters bring to the table.


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