Against Better Interests

I have observed the Right Wing for awhile and, through observations, have realized a few common themes.  I will say my perspective is a bit unique, as I see the former Confederate States of America as having many of the elements of fascism.

One of two common traits that seem to weave through many rightist movements is a desire to create a sort of “Corporate State”.  One need only look at Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy to see how tightly industry was joined to government.

The second common trait is a way to convince voters to vote against their economic interests and for this state.  Usually this involves an “outgroup” of some sort; for the Nazi’s it was Jews, etc, for the American Right of today it is Latinos, African-Americans, Muslims, etc.

Now to do both of these, one needs a sufficiently gullible group.  The less-educated, rural, voters that make up the “Trailer Park Caucus” that may be base of the GOP are perfect “tools” for the “%1”.

A news story from yesterday’s about a bill designed to target “Union Intimidation”, that may actually have the effect of  criminalizing organizing and picketing activities, brought out one example of how well the strategy employed by the Koch Brothers, ALEC, and their media mouthpieces, is working:

Responsible 27 minutes ago

You have to love the liberals when they say “plenty of laws already on the books for this”. Kind of like gun laws. We don’t need anymore, we just need to enforce the ones we have. Have to love the hypocrisy. If union workers want to strike others willing to work for the old wage and conditions should be allowed to do so. Unions once were needed in this country. Now they have simply become a drain on their memberships pay and a means for the complacent to secure higher wages than their skill set is worth. Instead of working with companies to remain economically viable in the market they drive up costs. This causes businesses to be less competitive and to shut their doors leaving all their members out of work. Then the union leaders pack up and go fleece others somewhere else. Too much corruption.


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