The ‘H’ Word

It was only a matter of time before a member of the “Trailer Park Caucus” went and called me a “Hipster”.  It happened as part of an ongoing exchange over a recent cartoon about Ben Carson:

pennsylbama_rising 21 hours ago
@SaberSaw @psuin1  Or one of the many “code words” for it; “%47”, “Taker”, etc.

The “Trailer Park Caucus” think they’re being cute or clever

I enjoy your epithets while denigrating perceived epithets. Just so you know, my house and land are worth far more than whatever little hipster hovel you live in.

I don’t see myself as a “Hipster”, I don’t ever see myself as “hip”.  Being that I’m over 40, I may be too old.

But I do have a few beefs with the “Hipsters”, and figure this is an opportunity to express them.  The first thing is that “Hipsters” are contributing to gentrification; as they move into places that are cheap they push out existing people and their businesses.  They also may be indirectly contributing to blight, as landlords work to drive the prices of property down.

The main beef I have with them is they tend to be “slackivists”, they will click, like, and share posts, but won’t put themselves on the line.  They’ll post a hashtag like #BlackLivesMatter, but heaven forbid they appear at a rally.


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