Whose Side Are You On?

PennLive.com has posed a simple question, “Is ‘Black Lives Matter Inspiring a New Crime Wave“?

To answer the question, I don’t think they have.  What “Black Lives Matter” to me is a response to 30 years of a “War on Drugs” that has in reality been a war mainly on two illegal drugs; marijuana and crack cocaine.   Police have militarized and poverty has been criminalized.  Combine that with years of “white flight”, urban blight and the loss of manufacturing jobs, and you have a situation that was ready to erupt.

What will be more telling is the way folks respond.  This may be yet another case by PennLive.com to get a few clicks out of the “Trailer Park Caucus” by giving them a chance to criticize a group that makes many of them confront the racism that may be merely hidden behind terms like “Taker” or “%47”.


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