Divide To Conquer?

During the Gilded Age, well the first one, one of the “Robber Barons” of that time said that he could easily pay one half of the working class to kill the other.  He may have been referring to the ability to hire mobs to turn on labor organizes or strikers.

But the idea of dividing the working class against itself is a common tactic of the right.  In order to advance the “corporate state” that is common to the right.  Another tactic of the right is sloganeering, the campaign of Donald Trump and many of the other GOP candidates are making excellent use of this.

One common slogan is “Take America Back“.  But the question is “from whom”?   Among the “Trailer Park Caucus”, it usually means some “outgroup”; women, African-Americans, homosexuals, Muslims, Latinos, etc.  The way the American Right has set the rural poor against their urban counterparts is a great example of how racial or geographic identity can trump economic interest.

I have often said that one no longer needs to pay the working class to kill parts of itself, one just needs to advertise on the right radio or TV stations.


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