All About The Ben Carson–Troll Patrol 11-7 to 11-14

To start with, pieces on the attacks in Paris will provide many glimpses into the way the “Trailer Park Caucus” views the “War on Terror”.  These are the folks who don’t see that ISIS emerged out of the “War on Terror” that was blowback from the American involvement in Afghanistan, etc.

But the main way PennLive mined the mobile estates for clicks involved Ben Carson.  He seems to be a sure-fire way to fire up the backwater base of the GOP.

A piece on Tuesday by Cynthia Tucker generated 150 comments. Conservative Thomas Sowell’s piece where he calls the press reporting on candidate Carson’s numerous bizarre statements garnered 212.

The recent GOP debate garnered 170 comments, most of them the “Trailer Park Caucus” defending their candidates.  The piece that I mentioned as an example of “Click bait” for the trolls stalled after 25 comments.


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