Coming Soon To a Trailer Park Near You?

Pennsylvania is likley fertile ground for White Supremacy, etc.  The KKK has made efforts to recruit in my area, and I often see cars, etc with the Confederate Battle Flag.

Combine this with our proximity to Virginia, and reports of a new “White Power” cult growing there, and one could easily see a reason for concern that the group could mke inroads.

The “Wolves of Vinland”, according to the article, is not new.  It has been around for a decade or so, and is based out of the Lynchburg, Virginia, area;  a place one would associate with Fundmentalist Christianity, not neo-paganism.  They engage in attempts to perform what they see as pagan rituals; drinking mead, covering themselves with blood and mud, and sacrificing animals.  Much of this is chronicled on social media.

All seems well and good.  Many would see them as little different from folks who cosplay, or engage in simulated medival combat.  But the group may have a darker side.  A member of the group was sentenced to two and half years in prison for burning down  a black church.  Prominent white supremacists and folks affiliated with the fringes of the mainstream right have also come on board.  Former game show host Chuck Wollery, and the author of Fight Club have contact with the group.

Where might points of intersection and expansion be?  Just about anywhere; Viking re-enactments, concerts, even the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.  With many in the rural parts of PA seeing their vision of America fade to black or brown, a movement like this may have an appeal.


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