What’s Behind That Banner?

The Week of 15-22 provided many opportunities for PennLive.com to get a few clicks out of the mobile estates.  Pieces and articles on the campus protests, the attacks in Paris and Governor Wolf’s decision to allow refugees into Pennsylvania all got the “Trailer Park Caucus” to step away from their AM Radios.

There was one piece from this that stood out to me.  On November 20th, an anti-refugee rally brought about 40 people to the Capitol.  PennLive conveniently mentions at the end of the article that the group who had sponsored the event was a rebranded, racist skinhead, group.

Some local activists remarked if this had been Black Lives Matter, etc, that the headline would have made reference to their role in organizing the rally.

What I wonder, is if racist groups may see a model in a way to merge with the far right of the Republican Party.  Hide their message behind messages of fear of “the other”.


2 thoughts on “What’s Behind That Banner?

  1. As one of the organizers and speakers at the protest against “refugees” at the Capital Rotunda, I categorically deny the implication that ANY racist or other hate group was involved with organizing the event. Some happened to show up, as did a gentle retired minister who opposed our views. It is a public venue.
    This imprecation is all the more troubling, in that no one bothered to ask me or the others who DID organize the event whether it was true. And sadly ironic, given that I am a Jew, whose family in Europe was nearly wiped out during the Holocaust.


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