Doing This all Wrong?

One of my tasks for 2016 is to enhance my income.  One of my ideas is to try and monetize my blogs,etc.  I also hope to get a “niche blog” up and running.

To that end, I borrowed a book on blogging for income.  I am starting to see that I may be doing this blog all wrong.  Instead of doing one post a week where I take a look at the stories, etc, that have generated the most comments, I’ll post on each piece individually and then at the end of the week do a “Top five”.

More to come.


The Gift that Keeps On Giving

Yes, I know that it’s the middle of the last week of 2015!  But the week ending the 26th showed that realizes that Donald Trump is the GOP’s fronrunner and that many of his supporters are among the base that the site relies on for clicks and comments.

The week actually started with a piece on the heroism of a High School Football player who was killed saving others.  In an area where an NRA-sponsored “Outdoors Show” is the highlight of many residents year, only getting 185 comments may have been a disappointment.

An article on the “Fright Wing“, the fear and “Dog Whistle” politics that the GOP relies on to keep it’s base voting against their best economic interests created 430 comments, and likely helped make Christmas merry for a few advertisers.

A simple question about how half of American voters would be embarrassed at a Trump presidency made me wonder why only %50 of America would feel that way.  The 664 comments that the question generated helped me understand better.

Christmas itself led to some levity as the armed faction of the “Trailer Park Caucus” threated to take aim at any drones that might get near their lot.  But a take on the classic “You’ll shoot your eye out” gag from A Christmas Story did generate 165 comments.

A Gift From ISIS?

The week ending the 18th had an early present for when a 19 year old from Harrisburg was arrested on the 17th for aiding ISIS.  That initial piece generated 165 comments.

A slide show of some of the young man’s tweets, etc generated a mere 11 comments.

By the 18th, though, the story seems to have died out.

The shooting in California, and the ongoing violence in Harrisburg sparked a series of letters, many of them NRA allies echoing that groups, and the manufacturers they represent, stance;  Pieces with titles like “Gun Control Not Needed, but Profiling Is” filled the editorial section of the Patriot News.

Playing the “Trump Card”

Over the past weekend, it looks like has accepted that Donald Trump is the GOP’s front-runner, and is making an effort to get a few clicks out of it.  His appearance at a GOP function over the weekend may have been a factor as well.

A letter from Friday, December 11, may show an example of the level of intelligence of many Trump supporters.   The letter repeats the same things that one likely hears on AM-Radio or it’s cable affiliate.  As of today, that has generated 164 comments.

A commentary asking when folks will realize Trump is basically peddling hate, much the way Strom Thurmond or George Wallace did created 185 comments.

In what is becoming an all too familar image, protesters had a literal rough time at the event itself.  It also generated 522 comments.

Finally, the weekly question about whether Trump is bad for America generates 248 comments.

Oh Me Of Little Faith. . .

Oh Me Of Little Faith. . .

What do judo and a trip to the library have to do with finding myself with egg on my face yesterday, December 11?  Please allow me to explain.

With; a new job, a higher salary, and a need to spend less on gas since the job is closer to home, I figure I may have some more money in the wallet.  I’ve accounted for putting some of that into an IRA, but am not sure how much extra I may have.  One idea is to get back to training in a martial art of some sort.

The local YMCA sometimes offers judo classes and I wanted to know what I’d be getting into.  I decided to see what the library had on the subject, and found something at another branch that I had sent to the local branch.

After my shift at my job, and a quick stop to pick up a few groceries, I went to pick up a brief introduction to the style.  What do I see on the door, but this:

I think to myself “Only in America”, and snap a picture of it.

I put my groceries away and set down to listen to my high school alma mater play in the Pennsylvania State Football Semi-Finals.  The first quarter sets the tone for the game, with my alma mater moving up and down the field and keeping the opponent at bay, but being unable to convert any of it into points.

In the second quarter, we finally put a touchdown on the board and go into the half with a 6-0 lead.

The second half begins with our opposition retaking the lead on a touchdown and extra point, and my alma mater answering back with a touchdown of our own to enter the final quarter with a 12-7 lead.

In the fourth quarter, our opponent seems to seize the momentum.  Scoring two touchdowns to take a 21-12 lead with about four minutes to go.  After the second touchdown, I figure it’s over.  I post a message on a group for my alma mater congratulating the team on a great season.  And send a text message to my Mom saying that it was a great run.  With our basketball team being a favorite to make a return trip to the championships in March, I send a message that I may see them then.  Her response is ‘Now.’

My Mom is not fully text-enabled, and I figured she was saying ‘No’, asking me to not get ahead of myself.

As I’m surfing the web, I realize I still need to post the picture I had taken at the library, and go to Instagram to post it. There I see a picture that seems to indicate that we had rallied to win.  A few posts on Facebook seems to confirm this, and I finally decide to get a view from someone who was there.  A phone call to my Mom confirms that we did indeed rally and punch a ticket to the Pennsylvania Class ‘A’ State Football Finals on the 18th.  Nine months to the day that my alma mater played for a State Basketball championship.

What it looks like happened after I turned things off was that my alma mater managed to score on a 28 yard pass and a 76 yard pass; the last one with less than a minute left.