Playing the “Trump Card”

Over the past weekend, it looks like has accepted that Donald Trump is the GOP’s front-runner, and is making an effort to get a few clicks out of it.  His appearance at a GOP function over the weekend may have been a factor as well.

A letter from Friday, December 11, may show an example of the level of intelligence of many Trump supporters.   The letter repeats the same things that one likely hears on AM-Radio or it’s cable affiliate.  As of today, that has generated 164 comments.

A commentary asking when folks will realize Trump is basically peddling hate, much the way Strom Thurmond or George Wallace did created 185 comments.

In what is becoming an all too familar image, protesters had a literal rough time at the event itself.  It also generated 522 comments.

Finally, the weekly question about whether Trump is bad for America generates 248 comments.


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