The Gift that Keeps On Giving

Yes, I know that it’s the middle of the last week of 2015!  But the week ending the 26th showed that realizes that Donald Trump is the GOP’s fronrunner and that many of his supporters are among the base that the site relies on for clicks and comments.

The week actually started with a piece on the heroism of a High School Football player who was killed saving others.  In an area where an NRA-sponsored “Outdoors Show” is the highlight of many residents year, only getting 185 comments may have been a disappointment.

An article on the “Fright Wing“, the fear and “Dog Whistle” politics that the GOP relies on to keep it’s base voting against their best economic interests created 430 comments, and likely helped make Christmas merry for a few advertisers.

A simple question about how half of American voters would be embarrassed at a Trump presidency made me wonder why only %50 of America would feel that way.  The 664 comments that the question generated helped me understand better.

Christmas itself led to some levity as the armed faction of the “Trailer Park Caucus” threated to take aim at any drones that might get near their lot.  But a take on the classic “You’ll shoot your eye out” gag from A Christmas Story did generate 165 comments.


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