Creating a Monster?

As is typical for me, I’m a bit behind.  I did want to comment on an article, and an event I was at, from the week ending the 2nd of January.

The article was a piece critical of Donald Trump; what made the piece interesting was that it came from George Will, one of the people seen as an intellectual voice of the American Right.  While the piece is long on the history of past intra-party struggles in the GOP, the piece neglects that Trump may be a monster of the GOP’s creation.  The end result of nearlky 60 years of relying on a base of lower-middle or lower-class, less-educated, rural, white males.  This may have been the result of a need to counter the growing power of urban and suburban areas.

One need only look to how the GOP brought the “Dixiecrats” and “Boll Weevil” Democrats into their fold.  Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” and Reagan’s “Welfare Queens” all were little more than stepping stones on the road to the Trump campaign.

I got to see and stand against this monster on the 2nd, when I stood with nearly 250 counter-protestors to a protest of an agency in Lancaster, PA that was assisting in resettlement of refugees.  I wonder how many of the folks protesting Chrurch World Services were at the rally in Harrisburgh in October.  The rally that featured a front group for skinheads unfulrling a banner.

The counter protest began at a local park, where the two organizers set the background and gave us our marching orders:


After a short walk, we met the folks that are likely examples of Trump’s base.DSC_0036010216


A few shouts were exchanged, including an ill-fated attempt by me to get a group of the counter-protestors to chant “We don’t want no fascists here!” That only cost me my voice.

There were some very creative and positive signs from the counter-protestors, some of my favorites were:

There are opportunities in the upcoming weeks to support the refugees.  On January 16, “The Seed” in Lancaster, PA is putting on a fund-raising show, the show starts at 9:30PM and has a $4-$8 sliding cover. The 17th brings a Concert for Refugees to Tellus360, one of Lancaster’s newest spots, for a 21 and over show with no cover and a 5PM start.


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