Making the “Dog Whistle” Louder?

January 13 brought the news that Al-Jazeera America will go off the air in April.  Ending a 3-year effort to being old-fashioned investgative reporting  back to the airwaves.

The reasons for it’s demise may have been many; the decline in oil prices, the association by many American’s of Al-Jazeera with terrorism.  I think some of it may have been a lack of a niche.  At the time it debuted; FOX News was targeting that AM-radio set, CNN staking out a middle ground, and MSNBC going after the NPR set.

My question is, what will Verizon do with that space come April. Might they pick up Al-Jazeera English, or might they consider adding a channel like Link TV or Free Speech TV.

Since at least Verizon has added channels like NewsMax, One America News, and even Glen Beck’s The Blaze channel to the lineup.  I would expect them, like, to further reach out to the mobile estates.


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