American Goliath–Or America’s Hydra?

One of the many things I have been trying to do this year is become more involved with my faith.  The way Pope Francis has tacitly embraced elements of Liberation Theology has made me a lot more comfortable and even prouder of my Catholic faith.

One of the readings for today was the classic tale of David and Goliath, but what got me to thinking was the response that I chose to listen to.  Much of it involved elements of what my Dad might call “Dominionism”; the reflection was a rant against Planned Parenthood, the media, China and Islam.

But there was a message that much as David, young as he was, was able to slay a giant, so might the faithful.  Never mind that the vision in the reflection is one of what would be little more than Sharia Law with a Crucifix, but we activists are slaying perhaps not a giant, but a hydra.

This beast we are fighting has many heads that are showing themselves; in Flint, MIchigan, we see racism and economic discrimination, with Trump, perhaps the main head, we see authoritianism and fear, and  with the standoff in Oregon, insurrectionism.

David used a sling and a stone; while Hercules relied on some help from his mortal half-brother.  We have resources of own we can use, it’s just a matter of how we apply them.


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