Losing The Court?

Ted Cruz’s win in Iowa likley had many of the conservative “Intellectuals” breathing a slight sigh of relief.  But the reason for this concern, especially since it could be argued that Trump is a monster of the American right’s creation, has puzzled me.

But I think I may have an answer.  Trump’s rhetoric may drive many groups to the polls to vote against him; women, Hispanics, Muslims, etc.  These voters might also associate Trump with the Republican Party and vote Democratic down the ticket.

This may cause some losses in the House and Senate, and possibly what the right is afraid of most of all.  Losing control of the Supreme Court.

The last decade has been good to the right from a judical front; they have seen the courts rule that corportations and the wealthy have unlimited ability to influence elections, that corporations have a freedom of religion, and the the 2nd Amendment applies to individuals.  They have seen the rights of workers to organize be curtailed and the Voting Rights Act crippled.

A Democratic President and Democratic Senate would likley put a stop to these gains.  Citizens United and Heller would likely be challenged, efforts to restore the Voting Rights Act and give Roe v Wade some teeth could follow.

But, wouldn’t “Justice Obama” provide some fodder?



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