But Who Broke It?

The forums of PennLive.com are far too often the realm of the “Trailer Park Caucus”.  Very often the editorial section consist of evidence of intelligence of those who have fallen for the “Dog Whistle” politics of Trump, Cruz, etc.

So when one of the few “Voices of reason” on PennLive.com decides to propose that Trump and Sanders supporters may have one thing in common, 284 comments since the 9th seems a bit weak.

What he says, perhaps correctly, as being the common ground is that they American political system is broken.

The main difference may be who each side thinks broke it  To Trump’s supporters, the system is broken by a government that they may be convinced that has become to concerned with protecting and helping minorities.  Trump’s xenophobic, Islamophobic and nationalist rhetoric resonates with those who have heard a continuous stream of reporting that Obama puts the needs of minorities and foreigners before “Good [White] Americans.”

Sanders supporters see that the system behind the system is broken.  That the influence and power of corporations and their CEOs has created an America of, form and by the %1.  They, alas, lack a wide media network.  They instead have to be a bit more organic, using social media, etc to spread their message.






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