The New York Confederate?

For over 150 years, The Nation has been an erstwhile voice of the American Left.  They have seen communism rise and fall, and gone from; Reconstruction, to civil rights to Black Lives Matter.

They have also seen many reactionary populists.  The March 7th issue featured a piece called “The Ruthless Clown Returns” on Louisiana Governor Huey Long, who in 1935 posed a threat to FDR.

Long may have been but one in a line of reactionary populists that came from the South; Strom Thurmond and George Wallace come to mind as well.

What may make Donald Trump unique is that he is from the North, but is making an appeal to the same lower-middle to lower class, rural, less educated, male voter that Long, Thurmond and Wallace reached for.  They may also be the voters that the GOP, willingly or unwillingly, has made their base.



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