Where Might “NerdLand” Land

MSNBC has an interesting history, it began as a collaboration between Microsoft and NBC, then slowly morphed into a news channel for the National Public Radio/The Nation crowd.  After cable giant Comcast bought out NBC, the channel abandoned many of its progressive premises.

They did realize that some of those progressive voices were a part of the audience and kept a few of them on the roster, mainly in the evenings and weekends.  One of those voices may soon be leaving.  Melissa Harris-Perry seems to be taking objection to being pre-empted for coverage of the Primaries.

Now it’s possible that MSNBC and Melissa may make up.  With the GOP field being made up of, and reaching out to, many of the same people that Melissa has made a career out of criticizing, and Bernie Sanders tapping into the kind of progressives that Melissa has often celebrated, she may be able to be integrated into the coverage.

But if she does decide to leave, there may be several places on the dial for her to land.  Black Entertainment Television, CentricTv, or TVOne are all targeted at African-Americans.  Might Oprah Winfery’s O.W.N be able to find a place for her among Tyler Perry’s productions.

Another possibility might be to see if she may have appeal with Milennials; a channel like Fusion, Pivot or the soon to debut Viceland may like to have her take on events.

We can only wait.



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