A Different “Solid South”

September, 2007, Appalachian State, a small college from Boone, North Carolina, stuns the college football world by defeating the University of Michigan.

Tuesday, March 8, Bernie Sanders stuns the Democratic Nomination process by winning the Michigan Primary.  This was a big win for Bernie not only in terms of delegates, but in showing that he can win in the “Battleground States”.

The corporate media, however, put more focus on Hillary Clinton’s win in Mississippi.

Bernie’s inability to carry the South is perplexing, his agenda, including; a living minimum wage, free college education, etc should appeal to minority voters, especially urban ones.  While Hillary was supporting Barry Goldwater, the Donald Trump of his day, Bernie was marching with Martin Luther King.

So why the support for Hillary.  I think one thing has to with the coverage she has gotten, as First Lady, Senator From New York, and Secretary of State, she has been in the news for over 20 years.

Second has to do with location.  Hillary is from Arkansas, a state that many see as part of the South, they may see her as one of them.  Many of her southern voters may have trouble finding Vermont on a map, they may remember what it’s capital is.  But little else is known about the state Bernie calls home.

I have rejected the term “Low-Info Voter” as little more than a codeword for “Urban Minorities”, a way to “Dog Whistle” the trailer park caucus.  The blind support of African-American’s, especially in the South, for Hillary Clinton makes me think this is one case where the codeword has a grain of truth.


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