Rules of Resistance

A woman refuses to give up her seat on a bus, a single man stands up to a column of tanks and a group of online activists turn a shooting in Florida into a movement.  Many great movements have started with simple acts of defiance.

Reports that a Donald Trump rally in Chicago and one in Cincinnati may hopefully inspire activists to follow their lead.  But these activists best realize that there may be a few rules of engagement.

One is keep things peaceful.  Remember the way Martin Luther King built sympathy for his efforts was by remaining peaceful while the cameras showed the dogs, fire hoses and mobs attacking them.  Rushing a podium is not going to build sympathy and may only add fuel to Trump’s narratives.

Second, build coalitions.  The announcement of a affiliate of  Anonymous to declare “Total War” on Trump might be an opportunity to build a coalition between “Hacktivists” and activists.  Looking to work with other groups like Food Not Bombs might also lead to opportunities.  Should Trump somehow win, these coalitions may prove useful as Trump may seek to take revenge.

To prevent this, activists need to remember this simple fact; the place we really have to beat Trump is at the ballot box.  Making sure efforts are made to register voters, that they have necessary IDs, and have transport to the polls will do more to stymie Trump than any rally.



3 thoughts on “Rules of Resistance

  1. What happened in Chicago was made by extremists on the Right. Blaming Trump for the actions encouraged by Bernie is wrong. If Trump incited it, I would agree, but this was all the Democrats. Protesting Trump is not going to get Bernie or Clinton elected, it will further isolate their base.


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