Calling Out Trump?

As part of yesterday’s entry, I referenced Anonymous’s declaration of a “Total War” on Trump.

That announcement came complete with a date of April 1st, April Fools Day.  Now it’s likely that this could be a ruse of some sort.  That the actual ‘attack’ may come earlier or later.

I think this because it seems like poor tactics to let your target know when you are coming.  Why would Anonymous give Trump a chance to harden his systems, etc?

Do they doubt the technical sophistication of Trump’s campaign.  Yes, Trump’s base is mainly lower-class, less-educated, rural, white males, but there have to be a few IT types in his inner circle.

Also, a person who has some connections with Anonymous told me this is kind of out of their scope.  Anonymous does not concern itself with politics and elections.

Of course, any group of people can call themselves “Anonymous”.


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