This is NOT What Democracy Looks Like

I am reading Howard Zinn’s People’s History of The United States, and am realizing that the history of America seems to be one of repression and resistance.  Many times, that resistance was violent.

Martin Luther King and other Civil Rights leaders brought a new concept to resistance–that of non-violence.  As I stated before, the images of Freedom Riders, etc being attacked by dogs, knocked over with firehoses, or beaten by mobs did much to sway the conscience of Americans towards their goals.

Alas, opponents of Donald Trump’s campaign do not seem to be getting that message.  There were reports of more violent incidents in Arizona and New York, and some personal information about Trump’s family getting online may be a warning shot from those claiming to be allies of Anonymous.

This all needs to stop!  For one, these actions only strengthen Trump’s narrative, of him being a target and a victim.  This narrative is one the resonates with his base, many of whom may feel they have been victimized by a government more concerned with helping minorities than them.

Second, it’s not American.  America is a democracy, we have an electoral process, we are in the process of exercising that process.  We are not a state of anarchy, we do not operate by mob rule.

Do Trump’s opponents have to right to dissent and disagree, yes!  But play by the rules.

In any sport; football, basketball, mixed martial arts, etc, the surest way to lose is to play your opponents game.  Violence and threats may be playing right into the Trump Campaign’s hand.  Educating and organizing non violently might even succeeed in striking more fear into Trump’s campaign.  Seeing a few thousand African-American, Latino, or Muslim voters registering to vote might do more damage to Trump’s campaign than any riot.





4 thoughts on “This is NOT What Democracy Looks Like

  1. Thank you, for denouncing violence. Thank you for approaching the change that we are seeking in America in a civil and respectful way. Thank you for recognizing that there are more useful ways to bring about change,


  2. Clinton is killing herself out there. Bernies message feels like it does not apply to the general population. Bernie has all the vets addicted to opioids, because of the drug lobby. Threin is where your base is truly lacking. Free college?? okay, that solves the problems for one demographic, but what about jobs? how is he going to create jobs? He has no clue, he just wants to spread the wealth. In countries where that is the rule, there is no economic growth, so what is his plan for growth? He doesn’t have one. Why should we vote in a Democrat this time? We shouldn’t. We need equal representation and we don’t have it, and won’t have it unless you let all parties play, not just the one who lies the lies you want to hear.


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