A Tour of TOR?

“It is better to have, and not need, than to need, and not have” is a favorite quote of mine.  In preparation for potential attacks on the internet from a Trump Reich.  I have taken to trying to become familiar with tools that in many cases were designed to be used against leaders of authoritarians.

One of these tools is the TOR web browser.  But the browser is used by more than just dissidents; journalists, businesses and even the US Navy use TOR to keep information safe from prying eyes.  The browser is also a major part of what is called the “Dark Web” or “Deep Web”.

TOR’s appeal to those who value privacy comes from a network of volunteer-run servers that route the traffic.  There is also a way for Firefox users to act as a bridge.

Alas, this routing creates a major issue with the browser.  The browser is slow, it took several minutes to initially start, and several sites, like FaceBook,  were slow to load now some of this may have to do with my laptop that I installed TOR on:

  • Windows 10 O.S (64 Bit)
  • 4.00 GB RAM
  • AMD E-300 APU
  • Radeon  HD Graphics 1.30 Ghz
  • 285 GB Hard Drive (103 GB In Use)

There were other issues with sites; on WordPress, I was unable to read or post, on Gmail I had to access using “Basic HTML”, and HubPages stalled on the CAPTCHA.  Some sites, though, worked well; Outlook.com, Criticl.me, and my bank.

I did not test TOR with any sort of photo-sharing sites like Flickr or DeviantArt, nor did I try any advanced configurations.



7 thoughts on “A Tour of TOR?

  1. To use TOR, you need to have a lot more education in script than you have. You are not a hacker, and many would be hackers that have gotten busted, did so the same way you are. Stop. The computer is not what will be used to diminish an Authoritarian government, look at the middle east as an example. Yes, it is the “black web” where a whole bunch of pedophiles and thieves and murderers for hire lurk. Yes the Military, FBI, Homeland Security are all on it, which makes it hilarious that you feel like you would be able to get away with anything, they use it to bust up rings all over the place. They also use it to lure and entrap individuals who would no sooner do a crime than your grandma. They would use you as an example. The true dark web, you are not going to find by searching google… you find it in real life meetings with real life hackers. James, again, get TOR off your laptop lest you find yourself in Indefinite Detention and no way to call for help. Also, we have 3 series of government, Trump can not issue an Authoritarian government without everyone being on board. Stop believing the lies meant to cause fear by the Wall Street controlled Democrats.


  2. PS
    Even if Trump were elected, which has not happened, I beg of you to wait until something drastic happens before you start actions. Fear and action on fear is a detrimental state of being. Do not let it ruin your future by doing something irrational


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