Lighting The Way

Let me begin by wishing all a happy and holy Easter!

Last night, as I often do, I went to Easter Vigil services at my church.  Along with the Christmas Eve Midnight Mass, the Easter Vigil Mass is one of the more unique services in the Catholic Church.  The service began with what was called the “Service of Light”, where the Easter Candle, used for Baptisms, is blessed.  After the candle is blessed, the candles of the congregation are lit, it is quite a sight to see the congregation slowly process into the church and see the entire church, save for the altar, lit only by candles.

I got to see a different example of the light and fire that can be in people earlier yesterday as well, when I went to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s march and rally for Bernie Sanders.  The event began with some words of inspiration from the organizers, and then we took to the streets for a march to the State Capital.  Chants of “We are the %99”, “Feel the Bern” and “Love trumps hate”, rang through the streets of Harrisburg.  A brief rally on the steps of the Capital followed, and we returned to the venue that we began from.

After that, the entertainment portion of the even began with Genesis Lorraine and the Start opening the show with, perhaps appropriately, the Beatles “Revolution”.   Performances and speakers continued throughout the night.

As the “Service of Light” went on, I couldn’t help but see that we have an election where we have light and darkness.  In a sense we have two candidates trying to capture an electorate that is disillusioned, much as I told Genesis before she began her set, “We have the light and the dark side in this election”.

What I also realized that we cannot fight darkness with darkness, we must bring the light.  Until, much like when the lights in the church came on during the Gloria, enough eyes are opened.



2 thoughts on “Lighting The Way

  1. Bernie is not the 99%, he is the 1%. To think he represents you is fooling yourself. He has a tax plan without a jobs plan. Everyones, including the poor, taxes will go up under Bernie, but without a jobs plan, how will that work?


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