2 Legit 2 Quit?

For those of you expecting this to be a piece about Bernie Sanders, you are going to be disappointed.  This is a bit more personal.

Awhile back, I posted something about an app I had made using a snap-together development tool. I mentioned the end goal is to do something like the ACLU’s “Mobile Justice” app, but for states that have “Stand Your Ground” laws.

To do this,I fear the app may require me to go beyond the simple tools and into some actual coding.  I did a quick refresher in Java and now find myself, as is common with many of my ideas, in a state of stuck.

I think I can get it this time, I just had to activate some features on my smart phone.  The tablet I have is basically “locked” for development purposes.

I also think I may now be able to use Google’s Android Development tools.

Why am I doing this; one, I may be a bit OCD about it, two, it may be I see this as a challenge, three I may just see myself as “2 Legit 2 Quit


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