How Much Fight?

As many followers of Bernie Sanders realize that his chances to win the nomination are fading, though a case can be made for him to stay in to be able to shape the Democratic Party Platform and the overall direction, many of his supporters are planning their next course of action.

As I stated in an earlier entry, I still don’t think many Sander’s supporters realize that their actions; doing a write-in campaign, supporting a Green or other 3rd party candidate, or just staying home, only make a Trump victory more likely.

I’ve heard several arguments, many of which seem to be based around Trump energizing the Left, but why couldn’t Hillary do much the same, as well as be more receptive.  She’ll realize that she does need Sanders’s supporters to win, and that some aspects of the Sanders platform may resonate beyond the millennial base the Bernie has relied on.

One other argument I heard from a Sanders supporter is that what if Trump gets some of what he wants; if the undocumented are deported and his wall is built, but things still don’t get better economically.  I would think that Trump would simply change the pitch of his “Dog Whistle” and get his mainly; rural. less-educated, lower middle to lower-class, and male base to turn on the educated, urban and suburban Americans that he would see as being the obstacle to his agenda.

Then the question would be how much would Bernie supporters be willing to fight, and in what manner.  This could even start if I.C.E started doing sweeps in neighborhoods for Latinos, Muslims, or a truck carrying materials for Trump’s wall were to pass near by.  Many activists would simply retweet, like and share memes, or hashtags like #BreakICE, etc; far fewer would be willing to put themselves on the lines by recording activities, etc.




Cheers Are not Enough

I write this on Primary Day in Pennsylvania, and I fear more bad news for Bernie Sanders’s campaign.

It will not be for a lack of effort on my part, or the efforts of the dedicated volunteers I met at Bernie’s Harrisburg Headquarters.

But might we have been the exception.  After the New York Primary, among the accusations of fraud and messages to carry the fight onward, was a statement that “New York happens when people don’t canvass”; I would extend this to include phone banking.  I wonder how many of the about 3000 people who gathered at Millersville University on the 22 to hear Bernie rally a crowd, or the more than a hundred who gathered to hear; former Ohio Senator Nina Turner, actress and activist Rosario Dawson and representatives of the Harrisburg African-American community to speak on issues of concern to the African-American community, were willing to phone bank or canvass for Bernie.

Now some may argue that canvassing and phone banking do little good, but when you have a candidate that is unfamiliar to many people, against one who has been in the media for the better part of 25 years, it may be of some help.

Of course, the ability to stage great events, but not make effective political change, is a common and perhaps fatal flaw of the American Left.  What might you expect from people who will “like”, “share” or “retweet” something, or add a hashtag to a post, but won’t put themselves out on the streets or on the phones.


Back on Track?

Awhile back, I mentioned my delay in developing an app that I hope can be an equivalent of the ACLU’s “Mobile Justice” app for states with “Stand You Ground Laws”.

It took a lot of effort, and actually having to go through the basics of Google’s Android Studio, but I think I am back on track to start the process of developing the app.

I figure the best way to tackle this is in interlocking stages.  The first stage is to build an app that indicates the location of the phone on a map, along with the coordinates.  Next build an app that can capture a video, and add the location functionality.

Then the harder part, creating a separate, (semi)secure database and a way to get the video and the coordinates into it.

From there, we wait and see if I can get some downloads and maybe even–a job?

Not Knowing The Stakes?

The last few weeks have been good for Bernie Sanders and his campaign.  He’s picked up a few primary wins and had an opportunity to speak at the Vatican.

Alas, I fear the next few weeks are not going to be good.  I see defeats in the New York and Pennsylvania primaries.  In New York Hillary Clinton’s name recognition and perplexing support among the African-American community  will likely lead her to victory.  In Pennsylvania, the combination of a large older population that Bernie’s message may not resonate with and a larger “Trailer Park Caucus” than states like Wisconsin and Michigan, seems to put Bernie at a disadvantage.

So I could see in a few weeks the “Bernie or Bust” movement reaching a crossroads.  I have seen suggestions that Bernie run as an Independent, that a write-in campaign be embarked on, or even that Bernie’s supporters back the Green Party Candidate.

Now some of this could be dismissed as bluster and bravado.  Or could it be that the “Bernie or Bust” crowd don’t realize the risks of their actions?  Either an American Theocracy under Ted Cruz or a Trump Reich.

This blindness could be part enthusiasm, or part ignorance.  Many of Bernie’s younger supporters may not remember the years of G.W. Bush, the economic damage of which we are just now overcoming and the international damage we are still dealing with in the form of ISIL, etc.

A second possibility is that many of Bernie’s supporters still have the memories of “Occupy”, and may still be looking for a fight.  They may not realize who or what they are up against.

Am I saying Sanders’s  supporters give up?  Not just yet, New York could surprise us, Pennsylvania could be closer than I think.  What I am saying is that Sanders supporters need to ask themselves who’s more willing to listen to them; Hillary, Trump or Cruz?



Not In The Script

Sundays are usually a day for me to do very little of importance, but a lot of my Sundays center around TV.  I’ll watch “SportsCenter”, “CBS News Sunday Morning”, a NASCAR Race or other sports event, etc.

Today will be different though, as part of a “Blackout For Bernie“, my television will remain off.  I will still stream media, as that seems to be within the rules.  I may see about doing some phone banking from home as well.

I can’t help but think a lot of the media silence around the Sanders campaign stems from two potentially related things.  The first is that his campaign didn’t fit the narrative that the corporate media saw of this 2016 Election being Hillary’s “Coronation”.  The Democratic debates being at odd times and on days when most people wouldn’t be watching may give this idea credence.   A strong candidate, tapping into a progressive, populist, base wasn’t in the plans.

A second, and the related, reason may be the anti-corporate leanings of Sanders and his supporters.  Why would any media outlet want to give time to someone who is critical of not only advertisers, but the conglomerates that run so much of the mainstream media.

Of course, this could be an opportunity in disguise.  Sanders could use this to push for media reform to break up the ten or so companies that control so much of the media.