Not In The Script

Sundays are usually a day for me to do very little of importance, but a lot of my Sundays center around TV.  I’ll watch “SportsCenter”, “CBS News Sunday Morning”, a NASCAR Race or other sports event, etc.

Today will be different though, as part of a “Blackout For Bernie“, my television will remain off.  I will still stream media, as that seems to be within the rules.  I may see about doing some phone banking from home as well.

I can’t help but think a lot of the media silence around the Sanders campaign stems from two potentially related things.  The first is that his campaign didn’t fit the narrative that the corporate media saw of this 2016 Election being Hillary’s “Coronation”.  The Democratic debates being at odd times and on days when most people wouldn’t be watching may give this idea credence.   A strong candidate, tapping into a progressive, populist, base wasn’t in the plans.

A second, and the related, reason may be the anti-corporate leanings of Sanders and his supporters.  Why would any media outlet want to give time to someone who is critical of not only advertisers, but the conglomerates that run so much of the mainstream media.

Of course, this could be an opportunity in disguise.  Sanders could use this to push for media reform to break up the ten or so companies that control so much of the media.



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