Not Knowing The Stakes?

The last few weeks have been good for Bernie Sanders and his campaign.  He’s picked up a few primary wins and had an opportunity to speak at the Vatican.

Alas, I fear the next few weeks are not going to be good.  I see defeats in the New York and Pennsylvania primaries.  In New York Hillary Clinton’s name recognition and perplexing support among the African-American community  will likely lead her to victory.  In Pennsylvania, the combination of a large older population that Bernie’s message may not resonate with and a larger “Trailer Park Caucus” than states like Wisconsin and Michigan, seems to put Bernie at a disadvantage.

So I could see in a few weeks the “Bernie or Bust” movement reaching a crossroads.  I have seen suggestions that Bernie run as an Independent, that a write-in campaign be embarked on, or even that Bernie’s supporters back the Green Party Candidate.

Now some of this could be dismissed as bluster and bravado.  Or could it be that the “Bernie or Bust” crowd don’t realize the risks of their actions?  Either an American Theocracy under Ted Cruz or a Trump Reich.

This blindness could be part enthusiasm, or part ignorance.  Many of Bernie’s younger supporters may not remember the years of G.W. Bush, the economic damage of which we are just now overcoming and the international damage we are still dealing with in the form of ISIL, etc.

A second possibility is that many of Bernie’s supporters still have the memories of “Occupy”, and may still be looking for a fight.  They may not realize who or what they are up against.

Am I saying Sanders’s  supporters give up?  Not just yet, New York could surprise us, Pennsylvania could be closer than I think.  What I am saying is that Sanders supporters need to ask themselves who’s more willing to listen to them; Hillary, Trump or Cruz?




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