Cheers Are not Enough

I write this on Primary Day in Pennsylvania, and I fear more bad news for Bernie Sanders’s campaign.

It will not be for a lack of effort on my part, or the efforts of the dedicated volunteers I met at Bernie’s Harrisburg Headquarters.

But might we have been the exception.  After the New York Primary, among the accusations of fraud and messages to carry the fight onward, was a statement that “New York happens when people don’t canvass”; I would extend this to include phone banking.  I wonder how many of the about 3000 people who gathered at Millersville University on the 22 to hear Bernie rally a crowd, or the more than a hundred who gathered to hear; former Ohio Senator Nina Turner, actress and activist Rosario Dawson and representatives of the Harrisburg African-American community to speak on issues of concern to the African-American community, were willing to phone bank or canvass for Bernie.

Now some may argue that canvassing and phone banking do little good, but when you have a candidate that is unfamiliar to many people, against one who has been in the media for the better part of 25 years, it may be of some help.

Of course, the ability to stage great events, but not make effective political change, is a common and perhaps fatal flaw of the American Left.  What might you expect from people who will “like”, “share” or “retweet” something, or add a hashtag to a post, but won’t put themselves out on the streets or on the phones.



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