How Much Fight?

As many followers of Bernie Sanders realize that his chances to win the nomination are fading, though a case can be made for him to stay in to be able to shape the Democratic Party Platform and the overall direction, many of his supporters are planning their next course of action.

As I stated in an earlier entry, I still don’t think many Sander’s supporters realize that their actions; doing a write-in campaign, supporting a Green or other 3rd party candidate, or just staying home, only make a Trump victory more likely.

I’ve heard several arguments, many of which seem to be based around Trump energizing the Left, but why couldn’t Hillary do much the same, as well as be more receptive.  She’ll realize that she does need Sanders’s supporters to win, and that some aspects of the Sanders platform may resonate beyond the millennial base the Bernie has relied on.

One other argument I heard from a Sanders supporter is that what if Trump gets some of what he wants; if the undocumented are deported and his wall is built, but things still don’t get better economically.  I would think that Trump would simply change the pitch of his “Dog Whistle” and get his mainly; rural. less-educated, lower middle to lower-class, and male base to turn on the educated, urban and suburban Americans that he would see as being the obstacle to his agenda.

Then the question would be how much would Bernie supporters be willing to fight, and in what manner.  This could even start if I.C.E started doing sweeps in neighborhoods for Latinos, Muslims, or a truck carrying materials for Trump’s wall were to pass near by.  Many activists would simply retweet, like and share memes, or hashtags like #BreakICE, etc; far fewer would be willing to put themselves on the lines by recording activities, etc.




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