Ready For The Resistance?

I’ve been hard of late on the “Bernie or Bust” crowd of late.  Those supporters of Bernie Sanders who, if he loses plan to do a write-in campaign or support Green or other 3rd-party candidates.  I still don’t think that they realize that their efforts may lead to a Trump presidency.

One thing many of the “Bernie or Bust” state they could see a Trump Reich leading to is an upsurge in activism.  We saw this happen under G.W Bush, when his foreign policy decisions led to a revitalized anti-war movement.  But activism under Ttump, in my opinion, would be a bit different, and I think that a little education now may go a long way in readying activists for what could be ahead.

The first step is to know and understand the opposition.  Many Trump supporters are what might be called “Right-Wing Authoritians”.  Understanding how they think, and the forces that shape them, in the subject of the 2006 book “The Authoritians“.   The term is often used to refer to leaders like Putin or Assad, but, as the book points out, “authoritians” are actually those that follow a leader.

With the knowledge of what these activists may be up against, the next step to is make sure their efforts are justified and validated.  Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Chris Hedges makes and effort to make “The Moral Imperative of Rebellion” in his book “Wages of Rebellion“.  He makes the argument that rebellions come in cycles and that we may be in one now; The “Arab Spring”, “Occupy”, and “Black Lives Matter” may all be part of one longer struggle, brought on by environmental degradation and increasing corporate power.  Alas the efforts of these new rebels are being opposed by the “powers that be”; the legal system and the armed vigilante, in America embodied by the National Rifle Association and the resurgent “Patriot” movement.

Finally, it’s time to take action, and the strategies for this can be found in “Beautiful Trouble“.  A collection of tactics and tools that can fit in a pocket or on a smart phone.

One common thread that all three of the books might have is that “slacktivism” is not going to be enough.  Activists are not going to just be able to “like” or “share” against Trump and his authoritan allies.  They may have to take to the streets, and risk arrest and abuse.





2 thoughts on “Ready For The Resistance?

  1. Trump Reich? (shakes head) America was never designed to be a government state. What Bernie proposes is letting the corrupt government have even more control. What part of the current government is actually working for you? Bernie acts more like Hitler, look at the violence your side is supporting in South Cal. That is not the American style or rules. Freedom of choice applies to all citizens. Freedom of choice without fear of violence applies to all. The Bernie or Bust crowd that is putting people in the hospital needs to go to jail. I have a right to go hear whatever person I want, without fear of a mob attacking me. As far as I am concerned, those who harm others should be shipped out to a communist country where they can have the life they want, and leave our democracy and the innocent people just wanting to vote, alone.


  2. whatever bullshit you are reading, about not being allowed to protest, is just that, bullshit. Trump is not afraid of protests or of those who don’t agree with him. He does not force his opinion on others, like Bernie is trying to do. Force… that is what your crowd is currently doing. You fear yourselves. The rest of the adults in America believe in voting and civil discourse. Grow Up


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