Stops Along The Way. . .

Any traveller needs folks to guide them, folks to inspire them.  Later today, I will be heading to Philadelphia to hear Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now, speak.  I will post a report on this later today or later in the week.

Since I’ve taken a day off of work, I had some time on my hands.  I decided to put some of it to use in more work on app development.  I’ve almost got the next step down, and may be ready to try to take an app I developed using a “snap together” tool and make it into something more along the lines of Java code.   I don’t think it’s gonna be my “Thump Trump” game though, at least not now.

This next leg on my “path to resistance” may go through–Columbus, Ohio!  One of the first apps I made using the tool was a multimedia board using the following four plays from the lore of the Ohio State Buckeyes:

Holy Buckeye!

“The Villain” Strikes

Buford’s Big Shot

The “Leap of Fate”?

Now I may add some plays: Braxton Miller’s Spin against Virginia Tech, Elliot’s runs against Alabama and Oregon, and maybe a case where lightning did strike twice 😉



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