What’s My Role?

One common theme of many of my posts is the idea of a need to progressives to be ready to consider that a Trump Presidency may call for some level of resistance.  I will admit that using that term does have certain connotations; perhaps a case of how the term has been hijacked.  Resistance can be non-violent, as Martin Luther King and others have demonstrated.  Resistance can even have both components, the African National Congress would be an example.  It does seem to me that non-violent resistance is able to garner more public and international support.

Over the last few weeks, I have been thinking of what my role in a resistance to Trump might be.  I believe I have some answers.

For one, I am not “front-line” material.  You will not see me scuffling with Trump supporters or pushing back against police.  My role will likely be more behind the scenes.

I could see myself doing what I already do, act as a sort of “chronicle”.  Using my camera to capture images.  Pictures have great power; the images of Civil Rights activists having police dogs, fire hoses and mobs turned on them likely helped their cause gather allies, the image of that young girl fleeing her village in Vietnam helped to galvanize resistance to that war, just as the images from Abu Garaib did for the “War on Terror”.  Images of ICE agents conducting sweeps of a neighborhood, looking like something out of 1940s Germany might do the same in a post-Trump America.

Now to get those images, I would need to know where ICE is and there could be an app for that!  As I continue to learn to develop smart phone apps, an app to alert, record, or do both could be among a suite of tools that I could see myself developing and deploying.

I could see these apps being posted on a site that would include links to independent, progressive, media outlets like Democracy Now!, The Nation, Jacobian, etc.  I am working on such a site as well.

Of course, I hope none of this is necessary.  However, one of my favorite sayings is, “It is better to have, and not need, that to need, and not have”.



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