The App-tivist?

In April, a few days before the Pennsylvania Primary, I attended a community forum organized by Bernie Sanders’s campaign.  Among one of the speakers was actress/activist Rosario Dawson, either she or one of the organizers may have referred to her as an “actressivist”.

This week, my efforts to develop apps for smartphones , cleared another hurdle.  I managed to splice two videos together that will be a part of the Ohio State-themed app I plan to develop as a test or demonstration of the extension of the app development tool I am using.  I also may try to develop a version of a personality test that was in the book “The Authoritians.”

I couldn’t help but continue to think that app development may be a major component to the resistance to Trump, should he be elected.

Consider the scenario, as part of his efforts to deport the undocumented, Trump orders ICE to start doing sweeps of neighborhoods.  I could see apps to perform three purposes being useful.  An app to record their activity, similar to the ACLU’s “Mobile Justice” app, or my planned app to counter “Stand Your Ground”.  An app that would alert the ACLU, etc should ICE come to ones door, and an app that would direct people to other resources.

Alas, I fear much of the “Bernie of Bust” crowd, whose efforts may inadvertently help put Trump in power, would make little use of these tools.  They’d continue to think that hashtags and memes will be enough.



2 thoughts on “The App-tivist?

  1. You can directly upload a video directly to ACLU website, why would people download an app that takes up memory? You really are boosting your ego in all this effort, but there are more real thing you could be doing with your time. Like helping those illegals gain legal status. It’s sad that you don’t respect laws.


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