I’m Still Here

No, I have not headed off to Ecuador in anticipation of Trump getting elected, nor have I gone “off the grid”.

I’ve just been a bit busy with a part-time, work at home, job that has cut into my net time.  The only reason I can post this is I took a half-day from work as I was at a “March For Clean Energy” yesterday in Philadelphia.  I hope to have some pics from that, including one of Amy Goodman, in a day or so.

I also must say I am becoming very frustrated at Bernie Sander’s supporters, who do not seem to understand that the race is over and it’s time to focus on defeating Trump!  They don’t seem to realize that if Trump does win, memes and hashtags will not be enough:


To that end, I hope to add a page with resources to allow activists to get ready and have the skills and tactics they may need.