Walking The Walk?

“If you’re gonna talk the talk, you best walk the walk,” so would say my Dad.  Usually he’d be applying to an athlete.  Ali was an example of someone who did this.

It’s something that I fear may come to pass with activists.  Hillary Clinton’s  reference to some Sander’s supporters as “Basement Dwellers” may be tested should Trump win.  I worry still that many activists will believe that they can fight Trump and his supporters from the safety of, if not a basement, at least a coffee shop, etc.

On Friday, I’d like to think I showed that I’m willing to take the fight to the streets.  I grabbed my camera and headed to photograph an action by “This Stops Today Harrisburg”; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s branch of “Black Lives Matter” now has something to rally around as, in August, an African-American man was killed by a member of the city’s police department.

The event began at the State Capital Building, where a small group of activists gathered:


From there, we made our way to one of the city’s main streets.  The band Fuel was doing a free concert at a local establishment, and there the activists readied to make their move.


That move would be to, for a few moments, block traffic.

After the activists dispersed, they decided to proceed to the Police Station.  As the activists marched along the sidewalks, they were confronted again by officers.  These confrontations, according to one activist became physical, with an officer putting his hands on a female protester.

Was I in any danger, likely not.  While the protesters were blocking the streets, I was taking pictures.  But as we approached the station, one of the protesters said something to me that I hope more than a few Sanders/Stein/Johnson backers remember should their efforts put Trump in power: “One person in the streets is worth more than 10 Facebook followers”.


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