Deying Democracy to The Deplorables?

Yesterday, October 22nd, was a “Deplorable” day.  Donald Trump gave a speech in Gettysburg, which is ironic as you were likely to see a lot of American Flags with a Confederate Battle Flag beside it in the parking lots.  Also, according to an ally, some Trump volunteers were canvassing parts of Harrisburg.

It seems that it may be “too little, too late” for the Trump ground game, but what had me concerned was my ally’s desire to disrupt the Trump volunteers’ efforts. To the best of my knowledge, no such disruptions took place, but such actions may have been more harmful than helpful.

Much like the violence and threats to ‘dox’ Trump, such actions would only have helped fuel Trump’s narrative.  His supporters have the right to educate and inform voters and gauge support.

A better way to disrupt Trump would have been to take to the streets as well.  Canvassing voters in the neighborhoods of color that would feel the brunt of Trump the most would do more damage to his efforts than harassing his volunteers, who were likely nervous enough about being so far from the mobile estates.



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