Old Enough to Know Better?

This is an odd election.  I think I have manged so far to lose more fellow progressives than reactionaries/conservatives.

It seems that the main reason I have lost these apparent allies is that I have been trying to let people, especially supporters of Green Party Candidate Jill Stein, of the potential consequences of their actions.  It seems that people don’t like to see the tactics and tools that resisting Trump may require.

This reluctance is to be expected. Many of the millennial voters that made up Bernie Sanders’s base are too young to remember the 2000 election, but they are dealing with many of the after effects.

They also may think that memes, etc will be enough.  The fact that a meeting to plan a response to a right-wing rally in November attracted five people may show a belief that other folks will do the actual leg work.

I did continue my prepping for a potential post-Trump America last week when I went to the training sponsored by the National Lawyer’s Guild.  These observers, in their familiar green hats, are part of an organization that dates back to the 1930s; from the “red scare” of the 1950’s to the civil rights movement, to the anti-war protests of the early 2000s.   I could see these observers not only having to monitor the police, etc, but also individuals.


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