Where Do I Go From Here

Once the Democratic Primaries were over, I saw that some of Bernie Sanders’s supporters may not be fully on board.  I also realized that this could make a Trump Presidency a possibility; I also realized that many of Bernie’s millennial backers may thing that hashtags and memes would be enough, and rather than be blindsided like in 2000, tried to make others ready.

The results of the election were still a bit of a blow to me, and the incidents in the aftermath; including one involving my high school alma mater really have me asking “Where do I go from here?”

I’m realizing more and more that this is a case where I may need to treat comforting the afflicted; Latinos, refugees, Muslims, etc, and afflicting the comfortable as separate tasks.

I think my avenue for afflicting the comfortable may be through the Anti-Fascist community.  It may be a matter of effectively harnessing my skills to assist those that see that Trump and his allies may have to be beaten in the streets.

To comfort the afflicted, I think my best bet may be the Catholic Worker House in Harrisburg.  I have worked with the man who runs that organization in the past.  The issue is that he may not like my collaborations with the Anti-Fascists.  I may have to keep the two groups separate, and mind what I say.

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What’s Up With WikiLeaks?

“There is no such thing as bad publicity,” someone once said.  A slogan of today’s media may be “If it bleeds–it leads”.

WikiLeaks’ release of e-mails from John Podesta would on one level seem to be within their mission, but also seem to be a bit of a paradox.  Unlike the leaks released around the Democratic National Convention, which were likely an attempt to try and get Bernie Sanders as the nominee, these leaks almost seem to be an attempt to get Trump elected.

Why would WikiLeaks want to elect a person who probably not be above having SEALS, etc, raid the Ecuadorian Embassy  or perch a CIA sniper on a nearby roof?

Perhaps to get Julian Assange back into the spotlight?  With Black Lives Matter, and the DACL pipeline protests occupying the energy and attention of the left, Julian may feel a bit like a forgotten person.  A Trump presidency, and potential efforts to bring Julian to “justice” may be just  what he needs to get back onto the radar of activists.

Of course, protests and direct actions against ICE sweeps, and other attacks by Trump on people and neighborhoods of color may only push Assange and WikiLeaks further down.  Or perhaps then, finally WikiLeaks would release some “Trump Files”

Coming to Grips

I may have mention once before that I trained in martial arts, and to this day have an interest in the Mixed Martial Arts and even looked at practicing judo.

As part of my “prepping” for a Trump Presidency, I am trying to get the basics of a small, metal weapon called a kubotan.  I figure that a Trump victory could energize his “deplorables” the way the “Brexit” energized the far-right in England.  Also, if I will be photographing I.C.E sweeps, I may find myself in some less than savory neighborhoods.

So far, all I know how to do is effectively hold the weapon.  But I am already starting to think of the ways the grips can be used to strike an adversary.  The “Hammer Grip”, actually used to strike upwards, but with possible uses to do a strike like a hook to the body.  The variations on the “Ice Pick Grip”, which could be directed at the collarbone, the crown of the head, the knee, the thigh or the groin.  A braced version could be directed at the solar plexus.  The “Center Grip”, basically used to load a punch, is one I see as being the least useful.  The final grip, the “Sabre” is similar to how one would hold a sword or knife, and I could see it as being used to counter an edged weapon, once I get to that point.

I also know how to conceal the weapon so a deplorable, etc, will not know what coming.  What I’ll soon be learning is how to actually strike, deflect, etc.

Even if Trump loses, though, I can still see his followers taking out their frustration on African-Americans, Latinos, and other people of color who they may see as having spoiled their putsch.  I may still need to be ready to protect myself or my allies.