Coming to Grips

I may have mention once before that I trained in martial arts, and to this day have an interest in the Mixed Martial Arts and even looked at practicing judo.

As part of my “prepping” for a Trump Presidency, I am trying to get the basics of a small, metal weapon called a kubotan.  I figure that a Trump victory could energize his “deplorables” the way the “Brexit” energized the far-right in England.  Also, if I will be photographing I.C.E sweeps, I may find myself in some less than savory neighborhoods.

So far, all I know how to do is effectively hold the weapon.  But I am already starting to think of the ways the grips can be used to strike an adversary.  The “Hammer Grip”, actually used to strike upwards, but with possible uses to do a strike like a hook to the body.  The variations on the “Ice Pick Grip”, which could be directed at the collarbone, the crown of the head, the knee, the thigh or the groin.  A braced version could be directed at the solar plexus.  The “Center Grip”, basically used to load a punch, is one I see as being the least useful.  The final grip, the “Sabre” is similar to how one would hold a sword or knife, and I could see it as being used to counter an edged weapon, once I get to that point.

I also know how to conceal the weapon so a deplorable, etc, will not know what coming.  What I’ll soon be learning is how to actually strike, deflect, etc.

Even if Trump loses, though, I can still see his followers taking out their frustration on African-Americans, Latinos, and other people of color who they may see as having spoiled their putsch.  I may still need to be ready to protect myself or my allies.


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