What’s Up With WikiLeaks?

“There is no such thing as bad publicity,” someone once said.  A slogan of today’s media may be “If it bleeds–it leads”.

WikiLeaks’ release of e-mails from John Podesta would on one level seem to be within their mission, but also seem to be a bit of a paradox.  Unlike the leaks released around the Democratic National Convention, which were likely an attempt to try and get Bernie Sanders as the nominee, these leaks almost seem to be an attempt to get Trump elected.

Why would WikiLeaks want to elect a person who probably not be above having SEALS, etc, raid the Ecuadorian Embassy  or perch a CIA sniper on a nearby roof?

Perhaps to get Julian Assange back into the spotlight?  With Black Lives Matter, and the DACL pipeline protests occupying the energy and attention of the left, Julian may feel a bit like a forgotten person.  A Trump presidency, and potential efforts to bring Julian to “justice” may be just  what he needs to get back onto the radar of activists.

Of course, protests and direct actions against ICE sweeps, and other attacks by Trump on people and neighborhoods of color may only push Assange and WikiLeaks further down.  Or perhaps then, finally WikiLeaks would release some “Trump Files”


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