Where Do I Go From Here

Once the Democratic Primaries were over, I saw that some of Bernie Sanders’s supporters may not be fully on board.  I also realized that this could make a Trump Presidency a possibility; I also realized that many of Bernie’s millennial backers may thing that hashtags and memes would be enough, and rather than be blindsided like in 2000, tried to make others ready.

The results of the election were still a bit of a blow to me, and the incidents in the aftermath; including one involving my high school alma mater really have me asking “Where do I go from here?”

I’m realizing more and more that this is a case where I may need to treat comforting the afflicted; Latinos, refugees, Muslims, etc, and afflicting the comfortable as separate tasks.

I think my avenue for afflicting the comfortable may be through the Anti-Fascist community.  It may be a matter of effectively harnessing my skills to assist those that see that Trump and his allies may have to be beaten in the streets.

To comfort the afflicted, I think my best bet may be the Catholic Worker House in Harrisburg.  I have worked with the man who runs that organization in the past.  The issue is that he may not like my collaborations with the Anti-Fascists.  I may have to keep the two groups separate, and mind what I say.

This election also affected my travel plans.  My original plan was to go to see the Indigo Girls perform over the summer in Washington DC, maybe make a weekend out of it.  Trump’s victory had me thinking about heading to Las Vegas for DEFCON, a computer conference.   In case I didn’t have the resources to make that trip, I got the idea to ask an old college buddy if there was a similar even in Rochester, New York, where he lives.  I got my answer–yes.

Part of me thinks that it may be better for me to make the drive to Rochester and check into a motel.   I’d have someone to help show me the ropes and the whole event may be less intimidating.  As my programming skills improve, I could look to something more regional, and then think of going into the deeper end.




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