A More Organic Brew?


Last Wednesday, February 22, I assisted in a search.  Our missing person, Senator Pat Toomey.  I joined with two fellow activists to see if we could locate him and bring our concerns, and those of Planned Parenthood, to the Senator.   Our search proved futile, as the Senator was nowhere to be found.

Senators and Representatives being absent was a common theme it seems during this Congressional Recess, of course those who did appear in public, especially in “Town Halls”, often got a earful.  Even is places like Utah, Congresspeople found themselves dealing with voices of the opposition.

The whole thing reminded many of the “Tea Party” allies who gathered at events after Obama was elected.  The fact that they were loud and in large numbers is one common thread.  But there are differences as well.

For one this “Resistance” seems a bit more organic.  There is evidence that the “Tea Party” was a movement bankrolled by specific interests and individuals and groups.  The folks that gathered at the town halls, are not, as a whole “paid protestors”.  They aren’t really protestors even, they are constituents.

A second issue is also a concern.  The “Tea Party” took their anger, even if it was manufactured, and turned it into political action.  Since many members of the “Resistance” see the system itself as flawed, if not failed, getting them to become an electoral force may be easier said than done.


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