A Cold Wind Blowing In?

Today, Saturday, is the day I usually head to a local farmers’ market to pick up organic produce, yogurt, etc.  Today, as ICE raids continue in Harrisburg, I took it upon myself to check in to hear if any reports of agents at the market had been reported.  I am pleased to report that my sources have not heard of any activity.

On my way back to my apartment, I got to thinking that ICE will soon expand their reach into my area.  They may have already, and I just don’t know.

There are reasons for concern, in my opinion.  There’s a hotel, which is an industry that especially the cleaning staff, tends to rely on immigrants.  There is still a place that makes hot dogs in my area, at least I think.  Meat packing is an industry that makes use of immigrants as laborers.  There are several warehouses in my area, and a farmers’ market.

Of course, I don’t think an ICE presence would be a real concern.  The area I live in is called by many the “White Shore”.  Save for an Indian and Pakistani,  community that seems to be based mainly in my complex, the area I live in is almost lily-white.

Now if ICE starts going after folks in that community, there may be some opportunities to act.


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