Resistance From The Right–Resistance From The Left?

One of my alma mater’s former football coaches had a “24-hour” rule.  The team had 24 hours to celebrate a victory or to mull over a defeat.

That period has expired for the defeat of “Trumpcare“, and it’s now a matter of taking a closer look at how this may show splits on both sides of the aisle.

The major obstacle to the bill was that Trump could not convince a “Freedom Caucus”, made of remnants of the “Tea Party”.  These Representatives, many likely backed by groups with the ties to the Koch Brothers, did not feel the bill went far enough.  What may be ironic is that these corporate-backed candidates may be relying on the same white, male, lower-middle to lower-class, less-educated, rural voters that Trump drew support from.  But those voters are the same folks that would have the sting of “Trumpcare” the most, as many reports showed the bill would have affected rural, low-income voters the most.  The “dog whistles” that the GOP relies on may not have been heard so well.

While the GOP may be wrestling with trying to balance the “Corporate Penthouse” crowd with the “Trailer Park Caucus”.  Democrats may find themselves struggling with a rift that they have not healed.

Much of the real work to defeat this was done by some elements of “The Resistance”, the members of the Sanders/Warren wing of the Democratic Party who made phone calls and stood up at the town halls.  These activists still seem to be seen as a fringe by the pro-corporate National Committee.

This whole mess may show a sign that Trump does not understand how the process works.  This is not a reality program or a boardroom.  You cannot bully people, and the people can and will resist.  I wonder how many more defeats it will take for Trump to learn that lesson.


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