Fighting The Same Battles

I spent part of Wednesday, March 29, cleaning my apartment.  One area that got tackled was a table that had buttons.

Looking at the collection, I couldn’t help but realize that many of the sentiments on the buttons are still relevant today; a button from Planned Parenthood urging “Don’t squash our freedom of choice”, a button from a rally against the “War on Women”, a button for the American Civil Liberties Union to “Keep America safe and free” and a button from 2008 that says “Legislate Against Hate”.

It does seem that activists are having to spend time and resources to maintain gains, rather than to advance.  Instead of having to defend the Affordable Care Act, we should be taking the next steps towards the kind of national, single-payer, plans that the rest of the industrialized world have.  We should not be fighting voter id laws, but advancing ideas like open primaries and same-day registration.

Of course, the Right knows this, and use this to their advantage.  They attack access to reproductive health of women, or the ability of workers to organize.  Thanks, perhaps, to the unlimited power of corporate interests to influence.


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