One Way To Defeat a “Firewall”


I am in the process of getting my CompTia Security+ Certification.  I should have the first reading of the book done in a week or so, and then can start the videos.  The goal is to have the certification by October.

One component of security is testing, making sure the features of the network are secure.  Among these components is a “firewall”, a device or program designed to keep content from getting in to a system.

The idea of a “firewall” as a barrier may be a good political metaphor.  In 2012, Obama spoke of a “Midwest Firewall”.  Parts of this collapsed in 2016, thus bringing us Trump.  But as I considered the possibility that Trump could win, I saw some hope in what I called a “Firewall Caucus”.  This group would consist of the Congressional; Black, Hispanic, and Progressive Caucuses, and progressive Senators like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.  “TrumpCare” looked like it would be the first test of this alliance, but the bill was withdrawn.

Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee, looked like not only a test for the Senate segment of this “Firewall Caucus”, but a potential win.  Mitch McConnell had other plans though, and decided to basically nuke the building, invoking the “Nuclear Option”.

I don’t think it’s a sign of things to come.  The Supreme Court is what the Right sees as the best way to advance their agenda and roll back progress made on behalf of women, people of color, organized labor, etc.

But who’s to say that it wasn’t a warning?  The only way to find out may be to threaten a filibuster again.  But I also think Democrats need to avoid the “Party of No”, mentality that described the GOP from 2010 on.  The Democrats in the Senate need to engage in a campaign of principled opposition to Trump’s agenda.  Now that does likely mean most of Trumps ideas deserve to be opposed, but a little leeway might allow Democrats to take the high ground.

Of course, there’s the matter of dealing with the damage that a Right-Wing court can, and like will do.  That is for another day.

How I Roll

One thing I have realized as I travel this path of resistance is that I need to get into better shape.  It is hard to be a good “Social Justice Warrior” when one weights over 260 pounds.  As many of opponents are well-trained, and many are in the police or military.  Progress on this front has been slow, but I plan to stay the course.

But what I did for a device that is Five Below’s version of a FitBit does show the approach I can take towards things.  One of the things that this device required was my stride length, and I came up with a systematic way to get my result.

I began by figuring out how far a tenth of a mile was in terms of points.  Once I had determined this, I set to count the number of steps that it took me to cover this distance.  Some simple division reveals that my stride length is about 50 inches.  As Lt. Worf said on an episode of Star Trek–The Next Generation, “I take big steps”.

So now I can take to the streets, one mile at a time.


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