What is My Role?

It’s May 1st, and today Harrisburg, PA and several cities across the country will be taking this day back to its roots as a day of action and dissent.  Perhaps because today begins the first week after President Trump’s “100 Days“, rallies in support of immigrants are planned.

I will be at Harrisburg’s, camera at the ready.  I will be taking on what seems to be one of my two main roles as a member of the resistance to Trump and his mainly rural supporters.  The role of chronicle.

This is an important role, as history has shown that photographs play a part in getting people to become sympathetic to an idea or movement; the Civil Rights Movement, with images from Selma. Montgomery, etc, anti-war movements, and the Arab Spring all were helped by images.  They also provide a record that future generations can look back on.

The second role I play is that of conduit.  I am frequently sharing or re-tweeting information I find to the appropriate allies.  I will also confess to engaging in memes, like any other social media user.

It’s kind of odd that rather than create new roles, I am merely doing what I always do.  That is not to say some of this may not be done with a new twist.


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