Recant, Repay, Resist?

OK, this was not a good week for the resistance to Trump. An effort to repeal and replace the ACA, with little scrutiny or review, passed the U.S. House; now this bill may be the first real test for the Senate “Firewall Caucus”, this depends on if Speaker McConnell decides to “Nuke” the Senate again or not.

Also another executive order, giving churches a freer hand to engage in politics, seems to be a way to reward the evangelical Christians who backed his campaign.  These folks obviously forgot the passage about not serving God and Mammon, and ignored Trump’s infidelities, etc.  Hopefully the ACLU, People For the American Way, Americans United for Separation of Church, etc are preparing legal challenges.

There was also the odd tidbit that Hillary Clinton, during a speech, announced she is part of “The Resistance”.  Now we aren’t a club; we don’t have dues, we don’t have a secret handshake, we do have meetings as our individual groups.  But I think Mrs. Clinton could do a few things to prove she is committed to our goals.

One thing she could do is recant comments she and/or her husband made about so-called “Superpredators”, this rhetoric, in reality a “Dog Whistle” term for urban minorities, gave a further license for police to become more and more militarized, and make simply being darker-skinned a crime.  The path from this to “Black Lives Matter” is laid out in the excellent book “The New Jim Crow

Next, she could return the money she took or received from Monsanto, Goldman-Sachs, etc.  These large corporations are the same entitles many of “The Resistance” are resisting.   Relying more on the small donor model that candidates like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have relied on might make her a bit more palpable to those who call themselves “The Resistance”.

A final thing might be to embrace some changes to the primary process.  Support for eliminating “superdelegates”, and opening up primaries at least to independents and Greens, would show that she is committed to getting “The Resistance” from social movement to electoral force.



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